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El Havlusu, Yüz Havlusu, Banyo Seti, Bornoz Takımı, Spa Bornozu, İşlemeli Bornoz, Jakarlı Bornoz, Özel Tasarım Bornoz, Pamuk Bornoz, Penye Bornoz, Kimono Bornoz, Otel Bornozu,

Spa Bornozu, Sauna Bornozu, Havlu Paspası, Otel Paspası, Spa Paspası, Plaj Paspası

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Mop Group

Our mat group specializes in providing our customers with hygienic, durable and stylish mats. Doormats used in homes and workplaces are important as a decorative element as well as ensuring cleanliness and order.

Our mats, which have various material and design options, are produced in appropriate sizes and quality for all types of floors. Our mats, which are suitable for long-term use thanks to their durable structure, also provide practical use with their easy-to-clean features.